Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 deal: Get up to $250 trade-in credit toward the new smartwatch

SAVE UP TO $250: Get up to $250 in trade-in credit on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 with eligible devices at Samsung as of September 13. Additionally, save up to $130 on the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 when bundled together.

Looking to buy a new smartwatch? Sure, you could go with the just-announced Apple Watch Series 9 or the Apple Watch Ultra 2, both powerful contenders in the wrist-based smart device arena. But if you’re more of an Android fan, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a great alternative. And right now, you can save a pretty penny on the latest flagship Samsung smartwatch by taking advantage of a great trade-in deal.

As of September 13, you can save up to $250 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 when you trade in an eligible device. Depending on the item you submit for trade, you’ll get a minimum of $50 instant trade-in credit. For instance, if you’re looking to switch over from Apple and have an Apple Watch Series 8 to hand over, you’ll get the full $250. Other devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, will net you a little less at $200. It depends on what you plan on handing over to Samsung, as newer devices will obviously pay more.

You can also save on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro when you bundle them with your Galaxy Watch 6 purchase. Samsung is offering $130 off of the earbuds, which cuts their price from $229.99 down to $99.99. That means you can potentially get both items for less than the current going rate of $299.99.

If you don’t mind parting with your own smartwatch, this is a great incentive to upgrade. It’s also a good way to cut down on the tech clutter that crops up when you start regularly upgrading things.

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