Best early Prime Day TV deals: A $99.99 Amazon Omni 4K TV, plus a big Samsung sale

UPDATE: Jun. 24, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This post has been updated to reflect the latest discounts on 4K and 8K TVs at Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

Prime Day is one of the best times of year to buy a TV on sale, but not for the reason you’re thinking. 

During Prime Day, Amazon is obviously the place to find an already-affordable, mid-sized Fire TV for extra cheap — like an invite-only offering to snag the 43-inch version of its 4K Omni Series for $99.99. Unheard of.

But Amazon doesn’t go as hard for premium TV deals from Samsung, LG, and Sony. However, Amazon is to thank for provoking Prime Day competition sales from Best Buy and Walmart, which more than pick up the slack on discounts on flagship 65-inch through 85-inch QLED and OLED models. Prime Day almost always coincides with the Fourth of July sale season, which Samsung(opens in a new tab) is big on.

Regardless, we’re keeping track of all of the TV deals you can shop at all of the big retailers before Prime Day starts on July 11, as well as early Prime Day deals in tons of other categories. Note: We’re updating this page constantly, so check back often.

Samsung TV deals

Why we love it

The big-but-not-too-big size of our favorite TV for sports is just shy of a whole $1,000 discount. Hyped as one of the brightest TVs on the market, Samsung’s QN90B offers the brightness, precision, and glare control needed for crisp daytime viewing.

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LG TV deals

Why we love it

QNED is a mashup of LG’s NanoCell technology and quantum dots (which amp up color depth using an extra light filter of nanoparticles) and the backlighting of mini LEDs (like regular LEDs, but smaller for extra precision). This XL version of the budget-friendly 80 Series QNED stretches those bright, saturated scenes across what’ll feel like the entire wall.

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Sony TV deals

Why we love it

Why we love it

The 55-inch version of Sony’s luxury OLED TV is somehow seeing a bigger discount than the more expensive 65-inch model. Bringing that “O” on board significantly upgrades the TV’s picture quality, especially in dimly lit rooms and dark, shadowy scenes. OLED doesn’t require an external backlight. Instead, they use organic light-emitting diodes. These self-lit pixels are individually controlled by the TV itself based on the content and lighting of the room, offering more precise contrast than LED or QLED.

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Other TV deals from TCL, Vizio, and more

Why we love it

You can’t not take advantage of Amazon’s flagship 4K TV being under $100 — that’s an unbelievably rare price for a 43-inch 4K model from any brand. (If you’re one of the lucky Prime members who has this invite-only deal unlocked, you’ll make it work.) The Omni is the smoothest way to experience Amazon’s crowd-favorite Fire TV platform and intuitive app navigation. The two larger Omni sizes get particularly good marks for their crisp HDR handling due to their support for Dolby Vision.

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