Best Apple deal: Refurbished Apple Mac mini on sale for $205.99

TL;DR: As of June 24, you can get a refurbished Apple Mac mini(opens in a new tab) for just $205.99 instead of $269.98 — that’s a savings of 23%.

If you aren’t using demanding software, you might not need a pricey computer that can run everything you throw at it. Instead, you could save by getting a refurbished computer(opens in a new tab).

This refurbished Apple Mac mini may be a great low-cost option for running essential office apps and other simple software, and it’s only $205.99. 

Save space and money 

The refurbished Apple Mac mini is a compact and capable desktop computer that offers a range of functionalities. With 8GB RAM and a Core 1.4GHz i5 processor, this computer may handle office apps and productivity software well, but it could struggle with highly demanding activities, such as video editing or games. You can also turn on Turbo Boost to up the processor performance to 2.5GHz if you notice lag while opening a big file or multitasking on a variety of apps.

When you’re shopping for refurbished devices(opens in a new tab), always check the original manufacturing date and refurbished rating. This computer was originally made in 2014 and has a grade “B” refurbished rating. That means some of the hardware may not be as impressive as what you’d find on a brand-new, off-the-shelf model, and it could have some light scuffs and scratches. However, the 1TB HDD does give you plenty of room to store important files and install a wide variety of apps. All that hard drive space could be an asset to students who need a consistent place to keep their assignments through the school year. 

One of the benefits of getting an older device is it still has all its ports. Plug into four USB 3.0 ports, or take advantage of slots for HDMI, thunderbolt, Ethernet, headphones, microphones, and SD cards. 

Save on a refurbished Apple Mac mini 

This compact computer takes up very little desk space, but it packs functionality and speed you’d think would come from a larger device.

Get a refurbished Apple Mac mini(opens in a new tab) on sale for $205.99 (reg. $269). 

Prices subject to change.

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