The 3 Beauty Trends from Paris Fashion Week We’re Trying Now

Paris Fashion Week brought a strong finish to the fall 2024 season, collections shown with an array of beauty looks that packed a visual punch. The best part about the hair and makeup that decorated the runways was the blend of extravagance and accessibility—though striking, the above-neck details were immediately identifiable as ready-to-wear, sans modifications. 

Boho Hair

Is this the Bella Baxter effect? Boho chic is back, and the proof is in the loosened lengths. Chemena Kamali’s debut show at Chloé came with the brand’s characteristic bohemian ease and we saw similarly tousled air-dried lengths defining the aesthetic at Isabel Marant. The brands are, after all, two of the best beacons of the returning trend. The long extra-long, center-separated manes at Alexander McQueen owed something to Bella Baxter, while middle parts and rumpled waves also reigned at Louis Vuitton.


Alessandro Viero /

Isabel Marant

Armando Grillo /

Unexpected Color

Vivid hues made for a series of stunning looks across hair and makeup. Loewe’s peek-a-boo neon bangs (the work of hairstylist Guido Palau) transformed bull cuts into futuristic, anime-inspired statements while Peter Philips used a flick of hot pink in the inner corners of the eyes for a powerful punch. And Hermès’s cadre of “equestrian bikers” blinked past burgundy lashes, the shade understated enough to mandate a second look.  


Photographed by Acielle/ Style Du Monde


Filippo Fortis /


Photographed by Acielle/ Style Du Monde

No Bad Hair Days

Skip the hairbrush (or the attempt to shellac your hair into a sleek bun)—hair accessories have gone from bows to bigger. Hats a la Chanel and Saint Laurent’s wraps were just some of the styles we saw (there were also scarves, like at Anna Sui), so regardless of your style preference, there are options. 

Saint Laurent

Grillo – Scarpato /


Photographed by Acielle/ Style Du Monde

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