Best Anker deals: Get an Anker charger up to $30 off

Whether you’re traveling, going to a festival, or just heading to a day at work, a portable power bank gives you the peace of mind that comes with preparation. If you’ve been looking to snag one of these useful devices, take a peek at these Anker deals at Amazon as of September 15.

Best Anker Deals at Amazon

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foldable magnetic charger against an iPhone

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A portable charging device is perfect for camping, long walks, and running errands. You can save on Anker portable chargers and devices at Amazon as of September 15.

Best portable charger for iPhone 13/14 Series

Why we like it

Powerful portable chargers don’t have to be bulky to pack a punch. If you own an iPhone 13 or 14, you can always be prepared for trips, hikes, and daily tasks thanks to this handy Anker portable charger that simply plugs into the bottom of your phone. Its 12-watt capacity will power your precious iPhone quickly and can boost battery life by up to 20 hours. It’s also available in six colors (while stocks last). MFi certification means your phone will be compatible with this charger and using it should be a cinch. Note that this discount provides 20% off upon checkout — make sure to click the coupon box before adding the item to your cart, and then you’re good to go.

Best magnetic battery for iPhone 12/13/14/15

Why we like it

This no-fuss portable Anker magnetic battery 5K portable charger uses zero wires and is compatible with the new iPhone 15. In order to get the full $30 off on this charger you need to click the box next to “Apply $10 coupon” in the product description. Even if you decide to wait a bit longer to make the upgrade to the iPhone 15, you can use this charger for the iPhone 12, 13, or 14 series. Its design lets you prop your phone up so you can scroll, send emails, or watch content as your phone charges. Available in five colors, you can keep your phone juiced up in style.

Best 2-in-1 hybrid charger

Why we like it

The Anker GaNPrime 2-in-1 hybrid power bank is capable of charging three devices at once both while it’s plugged into the while or while you’re on the go. This lets you extend the battery life on your gadgets while you get your power bank ready for your adventures (or work day). Anker designed the GaNPrime with 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A port as well as a 65-watt capacity. Use it to keep your phones, tablets, or laptops ready for whenever you need them. Remember to click on the “Apply $30 coupon” box so you can take advantage of this deal.

Best foldable tablet stand

Why we like it

Note: this deal is only available to Amazon Prime members.

If you own a tablet and need a power bank that can help you keep it charged, the Anker 551 USB-C hub w/ tablet stand would be a great addition to your work or study setup. Fully equipped with eight ports — USB-C, 4K/HDMI, 3.5-millimeter, SD and micro SD slots, and USB-A — you’ll be able to keep your everyday devices ready to go as you tackle your workplace duties or schoolwork. Passthrough technology lets you use a USB-C cord to deliver 45 to 100 watts of power to devices that need it most. This USB-C hub with tablet stand is currently $35 off and is perfect for laptops, tablets, and phones.

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