Contactless Self-Pleasure – Meet the Clitoral Stimulator Everyone Wants to Tap!

The new clitoral stimulator is the ultimate sex toy for anyone looking to level up their solo play with a distinguished piece of DIY equipment, designed entirely for the clitoris.

Welcome the Premium 2 to the stage, the flagship clitoral stimulator brought to you by Womanizer. Dubbed the “Prada” of sex toys, it’s premium by name, premium by nature, serving self-love in its most luxurious form yet.

If you’re someone who depends on clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, then there’s no need to take the test, the Womanizer Premium 2 is your official Love Language. Your certificate is in the post.

The new clitoral stimulator is the ultimate sex toy for anyone looking to level up their solo play with a distinguished piece of DIY equipment, designed entirely for the clitoris. Sure, any old bullet vibrator can get the job done and dusted, but when 80% of vagina-having people need clitoral stimulation to climax, it’s high time the clitoris received the 5* head it deserves. Getting it done is the kind of toxic productivity we left in 2021.

2022 is the year of the guilt-free wank. We’re talking main character energy only. If there were a clitoral equivalent of the Bechdel test, this sex toy would pass it with flying orgasms, let’s put it that way.

With National Self Love Day fast approaching, we’re setting some healthy intentions, namely being caffeinated & freshly masturbated for the occasion, and what better way to commemorate this day than with a mind-blowing, clit-centric wank?

It’s our greatest pleasure to introduce the latest member of the Womanizer fam but before we skip to the exceedingly good part, let’s begin by covering the clitoral suction basics because we all know the curriculum won’t…

What is a ‘clitoral suction’ toy?
If you’re new to the orgasm-bending world of clitoral suction toys, then congratulations on your graduation, you won’t regret it. Prepare for everything you thought you knew about self-pleasure to be spun on its head – this journey is going to be a beautiful one.

Seven years ago, Womanizer revolutionized the sex toy industry by inventing the world’s first clit suction toy affectionately known as the clit sucker, designed to mimic oral sex and provide clitoral stimulation without direct contact. Contactless orgasms? Ariana was right – God is a Woman(izer).

Instead of the intense stimulation often associated with other sex toys in the category, clitoral suction works by creating airflow and pressure around the clitoris, encouraging blood flow to the area and heightening arousal.

We’ve spoken at length about the wonders of the clitoris here on Zoella before, after all, it is our pleasure capital with a truly expansive postcode. It’s the central navigation system upon which a hell of a lot of us rely for orgasms, so whenever a brand takes that responsibility seriously and fashions a toy out of it, a clitoris gets its wings.

The new Womanizer Premium 2 uses the world-famous (and first of its kind) Pleasure Air ™ Technology, offering concentrated, contactless stimulation unlike any other clit vibrator. Rather than overstimulating the clitoris and all 8,000 of its nerve endings, Pleasure Air Technology envelopes it with a happy hybrid of targeted suction and vibration sensations, sucking and massaging using pressure alone. If that sounds a lot like magic to you, that’s because it is. If anything, it’s slightly ironic that it’s shaped a bit like an inhaler because it will rob you of breath in the best possible way.

Clitoral stimulators, then, provide a gentler option for those with sensitive clitorises thanks to touchless stimulation, all the while letting you choose how intense that clit stim hits.

Let’s talk tech
How do I love thee? Let us count the ways. Herein lies several reasons why the Womanizer Premium 2 towers head and shoulders above the rest of the sex toys in your silky bedside bag of tricks.

Pleasure Air Technology – gentle yet powerful waves stimulate the clitoris, providing the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging. No more numbness or overstimulation.

Autopilot Mode – If your self-pleasure habits have become slightly boring and predictable of late (2020 has a lot to answer for), allow autopilot 2.0 to recalibrate your expectations. Pamper yourself rotten with the autopilot function and let the toy do all the work, gliding between the gears without moving a finger. Literally. Lazy wank, completed it.

Smart Silence Technology – the very best kind of silent treatment. The Premium 2 only starts up once it’s in contact with your skin, meaning uninterrupted orgasms and preserved battery life. Make way for the grand finale – just because the technology’s quiet, doesn’t mean you will be.

IPX7 Waterproof – Want to make a splash? We all know a good bathing ritual goes hand in hand with self-care, so what better way to elevate your bath or shower than with an erotically charged aqua aerobics sesh. Yep, the Womanizer Premium 2 is 100% waterproof. Good day, sir!

14 Intensity Levels – Forget Monica Geller’s iconic SEVEN, the Premium seriously raises the stakes. It boasts a grand total of 14 individually adjustable intensity levels from soft all the way up to seventh heaven, meaning your pleasure is entirely in your hands. Live out limitless fantasies!

240 Minutes of Run Time – with a tank like that, you’ll never be in danger of running low on juice just as you’re pulling into the masturbation station again.

Extra Stimulator Heads – because we all know one size doesn’t fit all, each box contains two different sizes of stimulator heads so you can tailor your pleasure to suit your body.

If your house was on fire, and your cat and your boyfriend had already reached a place of safety, this is the one object you’d grab, which we all know is the real measure of a good sex toy.

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