Athletes Are Taping Their Faces At Winter Olympics But Maybe They Shouldn’t

Some athletes at the Winter Olympics are applying tape on their cheeks and noses to protect them from China’s bitter cold. Many appear to be using the kind of tape usually applied on limbs to support muscles, USA Today reported Wednesday.

The so-called kinesiology tape might look cool, but its functionality on the face has not been tested, warned the CEO of KT Tape, which many athletes are using. In areas outside Beijing where ski, snowboard and biathlon events are hosted, temperatures have regularly plunged to zero. And it’s been windy.

“We’ve seen KT Tape used as protection against the wind in winter sports over the years, so although it isn’t a clinically approved usage, we appreciate the ingenuity,” CEO Greg Venner told USA Today.

“KT Tape doesn’t endorse the use of kinesiology tape on the face as it isn’t clinically tested,” Venner added. “However, we certainly applaud the creativity – we are proud to support Team USA!”

Tape designed to insulate the face is available.

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