The Best Walking Shoes I’ve Ever Worn Are $38 On Amazon

My search for the perfect walking shoe finally came to an end a couple of months ago. After multiple failed attempts at finding a pair of everyday walking shoes that wouldn’t make my feet feel like they were being suffocated and unloved, I came across an option from a brand on Amazon that I wasn’t familiar with.

Though skeptical, I proceeded to peruse the product description, sizing details, and at least 17 pages of (good and bad) reviews — and I came to the conclusion that the $38 price tag was doable for my budget.

The shoes in question are from a brand named Lamincoa and come in a variety of vibrant colors like red, black, blue, purple and orange. At the time, I was looking for just a simple, white shoe that would go with every outfit. Of course, keeping these powder-white shoes clean on the streets on New York would eventually result in the use of many disinfectant wipes, Mr. Clean erasers and a lot of baking soda. Nonetheless, I bought them, as I was particularly sold on both the color options and the shoe’s construction.

As I said previously, my feet are wide, fairly plump and have a pronounced arch, making it difficult to find tennis shoes, especially ones that don’t make them hurt after five minutes of wear. In short? The material a shoe is made of matters for me. These are made with breathable mesh knit all over and have an easy slip-on fit, something I always look for (as I’m also currently suffering from a bad case of jumper’s knee, which makes my leg mobility pretty limited).

The shoes come in an array of colors, including gray, white, blue and a black-and-white combo.
The sole is made of sturdy, non-slip material, and the insole is made of comfortable memory foam that even after multiple wears — I’m talking every day for hours at a time — still holds up and doesn’t make my feet feel like I’m walking directly on concrete. They’re incredibly lightweight, which may turn you off when you first pick them up, but trust me when I say this will work in your favor if you have larger (size 10) feet like I do and are on your feet all day. The sizes ranges from women’s 5 1/2 to 10 and do include half-sizes.

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