iOS 17 Adds 20+ New Ringtones and Text Tones for Calls, Messages and Alarms

In iOS 17, Apple is overhauling its entire offering of ringtones and text tones, debuting more than 20 new sounds that can be used for phone calls, texts, alarms, and more. Almost all of the Ringtones listed in the Sounds & Haptics menu are new, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

ios 17 ringtones
The new ringtones include Arpeggio, Breaking, Canopy, Chalet, Chirp, Daybreak, Departure, Dollop, Journey, Kettle, Mercury, Milky Way, Quad, Radial, Scavenger, Seedling, Shelter, Sprinkles, Steps, Storytime, Tease, Tilt, Unfold, and Valley. Reflection continues to be the default ringtone option.

Compared to the old ringtones, many of the new ringtones are longer in length and sound more modern. Apple has moved all of the prior ringtones to the “Classic” section so they are still accessible for those who prefer options like Illuminate, Night Owl, Constellation, and Twinkle.

Ringtones activate when the iPhone rings and the mute function is disabled, plus they can be set as alarm sounds. You can have different ringtones for each person in your Contact app, and you can use separate ringtones if you have multiple lines on one ‌iPhone‌.

Apple has also introduced more than 10 new Text Tones that can be used for incoming text messages. The Text Tones also replace the prior options, with those older sounds moved to the Classic interface. The updated Text Tones can be used for New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, and Reminder Alerts in addition to texts.

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