How to download Instagram Reels

If TikTok has a feature, you can be certain Instagram Reels will also eventually have that exact same feature.

On Tuesday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said on his Instagram broadcast channel that users can finally download public Reels so they can more easily share them outside the app, TechCrunch first reported(opens in a new tab). You’ve been able to do this on TikTok for years, revolutionizing the way you send videos to people — hi mom — who don’t have the app. It’s also really helpful when crossposting, like if you want to post a TikTok video to your Twitter or Instagram Story.

How to download an Instagram reel

It’s pretty simple to do.

Step 1:
Open a Reel you want to save

Step 2:
Tap the Share icon on the bottom right

Step 3:
Select “Download” at the bottom, and the video will save to your camera roll

You’ll need to update your Instagram app if these options aren’t showing up just yet.

When you download a video from TikTok, it comes with a watermark, which is likely going to be similar for downloaded Instagram Reels. If you’d like to download your own Reels, you can do that without a watermark from your drafts — but the audio might not always download along with it, depending on copyright laws for that specific audio.

“In the U.S., we’re rolling out the ability to download reels shared by public accounts to your camera roll,” Mosseri wrote, according to a screenshot from Engadget(opens in a new tab). “Worth mentioning, Reels shared by private accounts can’t be downloaded and public accounts can turn off the ability for people to download their reels in Account Settings.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean your private reels are completely private — there is nothing blocking users from screen recording on the app.

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