Best QLED TV deal: Get a TCL 65-inch QLED for $549.99 or 85-inch for $1,299.99

Save up to 26%: As of June 16, several TV models from TCL’s new budget QLED line (between 55 inches(opens in a new tab) and 85 inches(opens in a new tab)) are between 19% and 26% off, saving you up to $600.

Prime Day may be soon-ish, but if it’s a new TV you’re dreaming of, you’re safe to take advantage of deals that pop up before then.

Naturally, Amazon puts a heavy focus on its own products during its infamous shopping holiday. So unless you’re specifically in the market for one of Amazon’s Fire TVs, there’s no reason to deny yourself an extra month or so of elevated binge-watching. Take these hidden gems, for example: TCL just released a new line of QLED TVs, the Q Class, in mid-May(opens in a new tab). Just over a month after launch, several sizes already on sale at Amazon — between 19% and 29% off, at that.

The Q6 Series is the most budget-friendly of the lineup. Despite being ranked at the lowest tier, it’ll outshine any old LED TV in terms of brightness and motion clarity. The Q6 supports both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, as well as 120Hz VRR in Game Accelerator mode. Here are our favorite Q6 deals:

The Q7 Series makes the jump to TCL’s High Brightness Pro LED backlight, which pushes the screen to 1,000 Nits peak brightness through 200 local dimming zones. Here are our favorite Q7 deals:

The Q8M Series is the most premium of the Q Class. The only mini LED option of the group packs up to 2,300 local dimming zones into each screen (depending on screen size) for precise luminescence control across every inch. At 2,000 Nits peak brightness, the Q8M provides double the brightness of the Q7. This is your best bet for watching live sports, especially in the daytime. Here are our favorite Q8M deals:

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