Putin’s health worsens: He has constant coughing fits and nausea

It is believed that Vladimir Putin’s family are concerned about his alleged persistent coughing problems, which he has been suffering from for some time now.

It has long been claimed that the Russian leader has cancer and that, in recent months, Putin has lost eight kilos.
According to The Mirror, these symptoms are “a sign of the leader’s rapidly deteriorating health”.

“In the past few months, Putin has lost eight kilograms, and those around the president are worried that the thinness and persistent cough that is noticeable in progress will be regarded by the elites as a sign of the leader’s rapidly deteriorating health,” they added.

The British publication cited the Telegram channel General SVR (Russia’s foreign intelligence service) as their source.

The theory is supported by the latest information published about the Russian leader, as last weekend Putin apparently underwent a medical examination.

However, he remains active as in that same weekend he visited some Russian troops who were heading to Ukraine.
A mark on Putin’s hand

A mark on his hand was spotted in a photo and raised all kinds of rumors, claiming that it is intravenous (IV) track mark.

However, other voices pointed out that it was only the angle of the photo.

Last weekend, Putin had several work meetings and his health was in question. For example, the video of the online meeting with the governor of the former Magadan region, Sergey Nosov, was recorded beforehand, according to The Mirror.
Meanwhile, the Telegram channel General SVR claimed that Putin cut off defence minister Sergei Shoigu during another online meeting.

“After Shoigu was disconnected from participating in the video conference, Putin started talking to other representatives of the leadership of the military bloc, but could not continue due to an attack of severe coughing, so much so that the meeting had to be stopped, and the president needed medical help,” the source said.

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