Chinese premier congratulates global conference on sci-tech innovation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter Friday to the Global Future Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference, held in Beijing.

Sci-tech innovation injects an impetus to social progress, Li said in the letter, noting that the world economic growth is seeing a significant slowdown while a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is gearing up.

China’s science and technology development has benefitted from opening-up and cooperation, and the world’s science and technology progress will be affected without China, said Li.

Li said China has established science and technology cooperation relationships with over 160 countries and regions worldwide.

The country will implement an international science and technology cooperation strategy that is more open and inclusive, boost intellectual property protection, and offer opportunities to global innovators and entrepreneurs.

Themed “Technology Empowers the Future, Innovation Leads Development,” the conference is being attended online and offline by over 500 political leaders and representatives from home and abroad.

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