The Best Products To Treat Dry Eyes, According To Eye Doctors

I distinctly remember walking through the halls as a freshman with a severe case of dry eyes and one unhappy contact lens threatening to break free. My ferocious blinking was misinterpreted as flirty winking by a group of boys I passed and from that day on, they never missed an opportunity to remind me.

Fortunately, the trauma of high school is behind me. However the dry, gritty and burning feeling in my eyes is not. And for many people who deal with chronically dry eyes, it can be uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life.

Dr. Mark J. Mannis, president of the California Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, explained to HuffPost what’s actually happening when we have dry eyes and if we’re inadvertently using products that make it worse.

He said that the protective film that coats the surface of the eye is made up of three layers, the two most important being the water layer and a fatty lipid layer that keeps the water layer from evaporating.

“If the glands of the eye make too little of either of these substances, a [person] experiences dry eye. This can be influenced by taking certain medications or failure of the eyelids to close properly,” Mannis said.

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