JBL tune headphone deal: $39.95 at Amazon

GET $10 OFF: As of July 10, you can get a pair of JBL Tune headphones at Amazon for $39.95, down from $49.95. That’s $10 off and a whopping four cents cheaper than Target’s Circle Week price.

OK, we’ve got some tea to spill: Amazon is pettier than we thought. As you might know, it’s Target Circle Week (Target’s sale strategically placed one week ahead of Prime Day). Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy do sales leading up to Prime Day to compete with Amazon’s big event. But this year, Amazon is being extra.

As of July 10, the JBL Tune headphones (520BT) are available at Amazon for $39.95. That’s $10 off the listing price, and — wait for it — four cents cheaper than Target’s sale price of $39.99. That’s right, Amazon is literally undercutting Target by a mere four cents.

Whether this is a strategic move or just pure pettiness is up for debate. (But we’re going with pettiness.) Either way, a deal’s a deal. So, if you’re looking for a pair of budget headphones, you can snatch a pair of purple, black, white, or blue JBL Tune headphones on Amazon right now for $39.95.

These headphones feature the signature JBL sound quality, up to 57 hours of battery life, and a comfortable, lightweight design. The quick-charge function will give you up to three hours of music in just five minutes. The built-in microphone also allows you to take hands-free calls.

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This is a pretty solid deal, regardless of who’s undercutting who.

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