Iconic Behavior: Sharon Stone Wears Her Birthday Suit To Work

I love of Sharon Stone. Perfectly eccentric, she continues to turn up the dial on life’s fun-ometer as she gets older, rather than settling down into her late sixties. These days she’s an artist as well as an actor, and Stone has been up to her old tricks again, posting a provocative snap of herself working in her studio on Instagram.

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“Sometimes I just have to go from pool to painting,” she captioned a photograph of herself wearing nothing but a pair of sky-blue bikini bottoms, a pair of glasses, and a stellar tan. With a palette in one hand, Stone, 66, finessed a canvas in her studio with her back to the camera.

Obviously, Stone looks phenomenal—anyone can see that—but the best thing about her is the fact she simply does not care what other people think. Despite the many challenges she’s faced in life—including a life-threatening stroke, a brain hemorrhage, and a whole lot of sexism, she knows how to laugh at herself, poke fun at a situation, and generally get people talking. The opposite of a wallflower, her zest for life is inspiring. And if she wants to paint half naked, then we fully support the endeavor—hats off to you Sharon.

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