LG deals: Get up to 34% off TVs, projectors, and soundbars at Amazon

GET UP TP 34% OFF: As of April 3, you can get up to 34% off LG TVs, projectors, and soundbars at Amazon.

Remember a long time ago (like, the early aughts) when only celebrities and people on MTV Cribs had huge, fancy flat-screen TVs? Today, flat-screen TVs are the norm, and you don’t have to be 50 Cent to afford one.

Not only are they more affordable now, but there are many ways to transform any living room into a full home theater experience. There are upgrades to fit every home theater vision and budget, and Amazon’s sale on LG entertainment tech is worth checking out today.

Get LG soundbars, projectors, and TVs up to 34% off at Amazon as of April 3. Here are our top picks:

Best TV deal

Why we like it

The LG C3 Series 55-inch TV offers crisp picture quality with its 4K Ultra HD resolution and OLED EVO display. Its AI-assisted deep learning capabilities analyze what’s on and automatically adjust the picture and sound settings for the best viewing experience. (Thanks to its 0.1 ms response time and 120 Hz refresh rate, it’s also great for gaming.)

It has more than 300 free LG channels and built-in streaming apps for easy access to popular content. You can organize your faves with Quick Cards, and the webOS platform allows for seamless navigation and app integration.

Plus, whenever the TV’s not in use, you can use it to display photos or artwork.

Best soundbar deal

Why we like it

The LG S65Q soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity and 3.1-channel audio with 420W power output, delivering immersive sound quality for movies, music, and games.

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It includes a remote and wireless subwoofer for enhanced bass and a more dynamic audio experience.

Best projector deal

Why we like it

The LG CineBeam 4K projector has a max screen size of 140 inches, so you can watch your favorite movies and shows on a big, cinematic display. The ceiling-mountable design allows for a flexible installation process (it’s also out of the way), and the HU70LA delivers a 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixels (four times the resolution of Full HD) for sharp, detailed visuals. This projector’s quality and details mean it won’t look or feel like you’re watching on a projector screen.

This little gadget is also Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible, making it easy to control your home theater setup with voice commands.

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