The Flattering Butterfly Haircut Is Going Viral Again

You might remember the butterfly haircut from a few years ago, when it first appeared on a bob-saturated beauty scene. While little has changed in hairstyle land over the last couple of years, it does feel like there is something fresh in the air (or should I say hair?) in 2024. With midi-cuts becoming more prevalent–basically all of your friends who are currently growing out their bobs–it’s only a matter of time before longer hair gets its time in the spotlight once again.

Which may be why Google searches for the “butterfly cut” are up 70 percent globally right now. Like the butterfly itself, the style features shorter, face-framing layers around the face (like the butterfly’s top wings) and then longer layers beneath, like the lower wings. (Respect to those who conjure up these internet-friendly names.) It’s basically a super layered haircut.

“It offers two completely different looks,” hairstylist Luke Hersheson previously told Vogue. “Think of it as a short haircut in a long haircut, such are its many layers.” A great style to try if you want to keep your length, but love a cut that frames your face in all the right places, there’s a reason the butterfly is back–it’s super flattering and easy to style. In fact, an un-styled butterfly haircut is almost better than one that’s been “done”–simply let it air dry and go.

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear the cut now.

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