Get this camera ear cleaner for $27.99

TL;DR: Through March 10, this Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is only $27.99 with code ENJOY20.

If what matters is on the inside, then make sure you get a good look. Ditch the cotton swab and switch to an ear cleaner that lets you actually see what you need to scoop, and it even has soft spoons to get the job done.

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner lets you take an HD view inside your ear while you scoop out wax with soft, specially designed ear scoopers that could feel a whole lot gentler than a rough cotton swab. And you can get the Visual Ear Cleaner plus the storage box for just $27.99 with the sitewide coupon ENJOY20.

Watch where you’re going

Get a good view with a 360° wide-angle lens and 1080p full-HD resolution that streams directly to your phone. It may get a little dark in your ear, but this little camera has a built-in LED to keep things nice and clear. The 350mAh battery also means you can take your time and go slow working the wax out of your ear. A cable is included for charging. 

You aren’t limited to the ear, either. This device could be used to examine your teeth, throat, scalp, or other body parts. Just be sure to clean it before storing it in the compact carrying case. Don’t worry about running it under some water. This ear cleaner is IPX7-waterproof, which also means you can check out those chompers without fear of a little moisture. 

Journey down the (ear) canal

Give your ears a thorough cleaning. 

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You have until March 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT to get the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner (storage box version) for $27.99 with code ENJOY20

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