The best Black Friday deals on Apple AirTags in 2023

Black Friday Deals on Apple AirTags

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Runner-Up AirTag Deal

Apple AirTag

$23.99 at Amazon
(save $5.01)

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We all know how painful it is to lose a treasured possession. Therein lies the promise of Apple AirTags — what if all your most important items had the equivalent of your iPhones “Find My Phone” feature? With these Apple Bluetooth trackers inside, not only can you quickly locate misplaced wallets and bags around your house, but you can also activate your own personal “Find My Backpack” or even “Find My Cat” mode if a tagged item goes missing.

Every year, some of Amazon’s most popular Black Friday deals cover Apple products, and 2023 is no exception. This Black Friday, Amazon is offering discounts on all of Apple’s AirTags and AirTags accessories. If you opt for the Apple AirTag 4-Pack, you can get these popular Mashable-approved trackers for just $20 each. You’re not going to find a better time to order AirTags, so stock up! And to make your holiday shopping spree even easier, we’ve gathered all of the best Black Friday deals on Apple AirTags for you below.

The best Black Friday deals on AirTags

Why we like it

In our review of the best Bluetooth trackers, we praised Apple AirTags for two reasons: they’re incredibly easy to use (for Apple customers, obviously), and Apple’s Find My network. Because AirTags leverage nearby Apple devices to locate your missing items, these are the most reliable and far-reaching Bluetooth trackers on the market today. The $79.99 price isn’t quite the lowest price we’ve seen for this product, but it’s darn close, and previous discounts have only lasted a short little while.

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The best Black Friday deals on AirTags accessories

Why we like it:

Apple makes a few official AirTag holders, which can be used to attach your tracker to a keychain or carabiner. (We’ve even seen AirTag holders designed to slip into the laces of a toddler’s shoe, though that wasn’t an official Apple product.) All of these holders are discounted at Amazon to some extent, as are some third-party products, but the blue AirTag loop pictured above has a steep 53% discount for Black Friday.

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The best Black Friday deals on AirTags alternatives

Why we like it:

Tile may not offer as seamless of an experience for iPhone users, but the company has a massive network that makes it easy to find misplaced items. We’ve had nothing but good experiences using the Tile app, and the fact that its products are more affordable than Apple’s doesn’t hurt either. For Black Friday, you can find deals on a variety of Tile products and AirTag alternatives, but we recommend ordering this pack of three Tile trackers.

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