Boost meeting productivity with this $48 AI-powered assistant

TL;DR: Laxis AI Meeting Assistant helps you organize notes, get live transcriptions, and generate AI content from virtual conversations. Now, a one-year premium subscription is $47.99 — a 70% price cut.

We’ll start with the bad news: In recent years, video meetings have grown from one-off occurrences to daily events. The good news? An online format means you can integrate tools, like Laxis AI Meeting Assistant, to save time and make your work life easier. It’s truly like having a virtual assistant, from meeting notes to transcriptions and follow-ups

More good news: You can get a one-year premium subscription to Laxis AI Meeting Assistant for $47.99, normally $160.

Get organized and stay productive

No matter if you’re in sales and communicating directly with clients, content marketing and collaborating with colleagues, or working as a business professional, you could benefit from having an AI assistant for all things meetings with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

Laxis AI Meeting Assistant is useful before a meeting even starts. Create a template with the agenda, topics, or keywords for organized note-taking. During the meeting, you can turn on real-time transcriptions of video or phone chats; this not only improves listening comprehension but allows you to highlight key insights or action items.

Let AI do the work for you

More AI-powered features come in after a meeting. You’ll have access to LaxisChat, which is similar to ChatGPT but has the knowledge and transcription of your conversation. Use this to ask questions about the meeting without digging for the information yourself. Laxis also has an AI writer that can turn meeting notes into summaries, follow-up emails, action items, and more.

Streamline virtual conversations with a one-year premium subscription to Laxis AI Meeting Assistant for $47.99 (reg. $160).

Prices subject to change.

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