New ‘Orion’ App Turns Your iPad Into an HDMI Display for a Console or Mac


Lux, the developers behind popular camera app Halide, today announced the launch of Orion Video System, an app that is designed to turn the iPad into an external HDMI monitor that can be used with computers, gaming consoles, cameras, and other devices.

orion app
Using the Orion app requires iOS 17, an ‌iPad‌ that has a USB-C port, and a USB-C Video Capture Card. USB-C Capture Cards can be purchased from websites like Amazon for around $15 to $20.

The app is able to work with any device that supports HDMI, including Macs, PCs, game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, retro consoles, and cameras. According to the developers, Orion Video System will upscale Nintendo Switch gameplay to 4K in realtime. When used with a camera, Orion allows an ‌iPad‌ to be used for checking framing, focus, and color for video capture and stills.

Orion is free to download, and there is a demo mode that allows users to test the app without a Capture Card. There is an optional one-time $5 upgrade purchase to unlock AI-powered 4K upscaling, CRT Emulation, and Picture Adjustment.

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