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Solo Female Guide Marrakech

Updated: May 2020

Marrakech is a colorful city full of Arabic culture, Berber history, French language, and lively marketplaces!

This Moroccan city is a stunning destination and becoming increasingly popular for the sites, cuisine, and culture. As a solo female traveler, it is natural to have concerns about putting this place on your to-go list, but this city is totally worth a visit.

I firmly believe that solo travel for women is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and the world. Taking a solo trip is a fantastic way to grow. And when it comes to solo travel destinations, Marrakech is one of the best places to travel solo!

Here is my solo female traveler’s guide to Marrakech!


Is it Safe to Travel Alone in Marrakech?

Ultimately, yes. Just like any city in the world, you have to use common sense when traveling alone, as there is always some risk, and you have to take caution. This doesn’t mean you have to be totally paranoid—but don’t forget to follow your intuition and make sure you are prepared for different issues that may arise.

As an Arabic society, Marrakech men have different expectations of women.

When it comes to being a woman in Marrakech, you’re going to get unwanted attention. Most of it is completely harmless and just involves men calling out random things to get your attention.

Overall, the men in Marrakech are harmless. If you’re a female traveling alone, be smart about it. Walk with confidence, be assertive, and let people know you know how to handle yourself!

Getting Around Marrakech

It’s pretty easy to get around the city of Marrakech on foot and by taxi. We mostly walked, but I recommend having a map or using a phone with data to use Google maps as some of the directions can be tricky! 

You can also download offline maps in advance if you know where you will be headed.

Marrakech is a safe city to walk around, but take the same amount of caution you would in any other city when out and about. Always keep your purse zipped up and ideally in front of your body, as there are pickpockets like any other popular destination.

One important tip is to be mindful of locals trying to scam money from you, by offering directions.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an act of kindness, because they will ask for money once at your destination! Just be smart and confident if you’re approached, say you’ve been to Morocco before, and know the way you’re going—even if you don’t, just bluff.

City hopping in Morocco is easy and cheap. I took an overnight train from Marrakech to Tangier during my trip and had a good experience. If you’re traveling between Tangier, Fes, Rabat, Casablanca, or any other major area in Morocco, train travel is the way to go.

I’d recommend opting for first-class tickets since they’re only a bit more expensive than second class and worth the comfort.

For spots farther afield, Supratours buses are a great option. It takes a little bit longer but it’s comfy and will take you anywhere you want to go.

Experiencing Moroccan Food

Moroccan food is full of flavor, with tasty spices and seasonings, and cooked in a unique way. The food is healthy and nutritious, and also really vegetarian-friendly, so you can expect guilt-free feasting!

The marketplaces of Marrakech are the best place for a bite to eat. The main square, Jemaa el Fna, comes alive at night in a vibrantly buzzing atmosphere filled with delicious aromas. Walking through the stalls is an experience in itself, as each stall owner tries to grab your attention.

The food is essentially the same at each stall, with couscous, tagines, skewers, and traditional salads featuring on all menus. So it’s totally up to you where you sit down…just decide on which street food impresses you the most!

Helpful  Tip: While the meat is generally safe to eat, the source is most likely unknown so it is a judgment call if you think it’s fine to eat.

What to Wear in Morocco

Deciding how to cover up is always a big question when heading to a Muslim country. Marrakech is a big city and a popular tourist destination so it has seen plenty of western travelers, which is an advantage to solo female travelers.

However, it is still an Islamic society with a rich culture where women are expected to cover their knees and shoulders.

As a western female traveler, it shows respect to put some effort into wearing conservative attire.

When planning your outfits, you want to make sure you are comfortable and that you choose something lightweight so you won’t swelter in the heat. To cover your shoulders, a loose top with sleeves is a great option or using a scarf as a shawl to cover up works as well.

The Ultimate Solo Female Travel Guide

Solo travel for women can be challenging — I’ve learned so much over the years (and I’m continually learning!). I put together this comprehensive guide to solo travel destinations and taking solo trips so you can better prepare for your next trip!

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