Best tech deal: 3-in-1 wireless charging station for $50

TL;DR: As of September 13, you can get the Foldpack Pro 3-in-1 wireless charging station for $49.99 instead of $75.99 — that’s a savings of 34%.

With all the devices we have on us these days, there’s a time and place for every gadget, and the road is neither the time nor the place for a big pile of tangled charger cables. If you’re carrying around a USB tumbleweed in your luggage, it might be time to upgrade to a streamlined wireless charging station like the Foldpack Pro. This folding three-part wireless charging station has a lot of different devices it can power and a max output of 25W. Get one while they’re on sale for only $49.99. 

Time to upgrade to a three-part wireless charger 

If you have to dedicate an entire pocket of your luggage just to chargers, it’s past time to upgrade. This compact charging station folds down to a super compact cube, and you only need one USB-C cable and one AC adapter to work it. 

The Foldpack Pro has three wireless charging spots, and they’re compatible with a range of different devices. However, between the three of them, you can charge the latest iPhones, iPhone 7 through 11 with a MagSafe case, Apple Watches from the 2nd generation on, AirPods from the 3rd generation on, and a whole lot more. Android users can also power up Samsung phones with MagSafe cases along with multiple Samsung Galaxy phones, smartwatches, and Galaxy Buds. 

One potential downside to replacing all your charging cables with one wireless power station is that your batteries all rely on that power station being safe and functional. That might be a problem with cheap wireless chargers, but this one has protection built in for overcharging, over-current, short circuit, over-discharge voltage, and over-temperature. 

Ditch the cluttered cables

No more untangling cables while your battery slowly fades. 

Upgrade to the Foldpack Pro 3-in-1 wireless charging station for $49.99 (reg. $75). 

Prices subject to change. 

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