Snag a standout deal on a pre-built gaming rig during Intel Gamer Days

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re likely already frothing for the deals, drops, and streams at Intel’s highly anticipated Intel® Gamer Days 2023. But if you’re new to gaming, or if you’ve been too busy gaming to bone up on this once-a-year event, here’s a little refresher. 

Intel Gamer Days is an annual online gaming festival and it’s a great time to score some tasty new gear at a steal of a price. Now through September 3, you can save loads of dough on topline Intel-infused towers, laptops, CPUs, and GPUs. You can find these Intel deals just about everywhere — like at CyberPowerPC or Intel.

Check out this inside intel (pun intended) for anyone who wants to nab a seriously powerful gaming tower but doesn’t want to put a custom rig together themselves, piece by piece.

Start tearing it up right out of the box

CyberPowerPC Z790 i9 Configurator

Credit: CyberPowerPC

If you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, the pre-built CyberPowerPC Z790 i9 Configurator is both a convenient and solid choice. CyberPowerPC is known for building top-notch gaming rigs and this high-performance machine is no exception. It’s powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel®Core™ i9 processor and paired with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4070 graphics, which is the package you want if you’re running graphically demanding AAA games at maximum settings. Add in a hefty 32G of RAM and an ASUS Prime Z790-P motherboard that can handle some serious overclocking, and this pre-built deftly delivers smooth 1440p gameplay. A quick tip: A 1440p monitor is a good idea if you want to truly appreciate the fluidity and precision that this CPU and GPU can dish out.

Keeping it cool with 13th Gen Intel

CyberPowerPC Z790 i9 Configurator

Credit: CyberPowerPC

You don’t need to be an expert on CPUs to appreciate the Intel chip that’s baked into this machine. All you need to do is run the most resource-intensive games in your lineup on it and you’ll understand. The 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900KF has a whopping 24 cores and is touted as being the fastest desktop CPU on the market. Despite the chip’s high power demands, it surprisingly doesn’t overheat and affect your gaming performance either. Basically, you get loads of power and can stay in the zone for as long as you like without compromise. 

Think of this rig as your portal of performance 

CyberPowerPC Z790 i9 Configurator

Credit: CyberPowerPC

In addition to its infallible gaming specs, anyone who’s creating content, 3D rendering, video editing, or streaming will undoubtedly appreciate the Z790 i9. The build quality is impeccable, the tower sleek, and cable management is tight, a bonus if aesthetics are important to you. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also upgrade the core components just by clicking a few boxes. Bump up the mid-tower chassis that’s included in the pre-priced build to a full-size tower. Add colorful RGB fans and get that sick cyberpunk-gaming vibe, or opt for a Creative Labs sound card and get sucked into every squeaky door opening and meteorite exploding. The best part? The experts at CyberPowerPC will put all of the components together and ship them off to you. Just connect your peripherals and other gear of choice, lean back in your gaming chair, and prepare for warp speed.

Intel Gamer Days is back in 2023 and you definitely want to check it out. Get in on this year’s gaming gear bonanza and score limited-time deals from August 24 to September 3 on Intel-powered machines like the CyberPowerPC Z790 i9 Configurator to seriously level up your gameplay.

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