Elon Musk shows off Cybertruck ‘production candidate’

Tesla’s Cybertruck is very close to being ready for the streets, and Elon Musk wants us to know it’s the company’s “best product ever.”

The Tesla CEO posted an image of himself in a Cybertruck on X/Twitter on Wednesday, from the company’s Giga Texas factory in Austin. “Just drove the production candidate Cybertruck at Tesla Giga Texas,” he wrote.

Tesla Cybertruck

Credit: Elon Musk

The vehicle in the high-resolution picture looks, well, like a Cybertruck, possibly with a slightly more precise finish than we’ve previously seen in pictures.

In July, Tesla announced it started production of the Cybertruck, and earlier in April, the company said it would “probably” have a Cybertruck delivery event in the third quarter of the year. But Tesla still doesn’t appear to be ready to start delivering the car, and the Cybertrucks that are currently being produced are in fact “release candidates.”

Tesla announced the Cybertruck in 2019 and since then production has been delayed several times.

In a reply to a comment on X/Twitter, Musk said the company will detail the specs, pricing, and the delivery date “when we are ready to do so.”

“While I think it is our best product ever, it is an extremely difficult product to build. We are in uncharted territory, because it is not like anything else,” he wrote.

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