The end of annoying CAPTCHAs? Web browsers will soon help users skip them

Over the years, internet users have increasingly become tired of solving CAPTCHAs just to get to the next page of a website. And apparently, the companies behind some of the biggest web browsers have noticed this.

Back in May, Twitter user @Leopeva64 noticed that Google Chrome on desktop was testing out a new “auto-verify” feature. This feature allows websites to check if a user previously solved a CAPTCHA and then let them proceed on their own site once determining that the user is indeed human without requiring that they solve another CAPTCHA puzzle.

Now, just months later, as first noticed by Android Police, @Leopeva64 has found another web browser testing the implementation of a similar “auto-verify” feature. According to @Leopeva64, Microsoft Edge is also working on providing websites with the ability to check users via previously solved CAPTCHAs that have already verified they are human. However, one interesting note here is that this particular feature in Edge was discovered in the Android version of the app.

It’s unclear just when these auto-verify features will make it to the official public release of either Chrome or Edge. However, it is clear that the constant need to solve CAPTCHAs may soon be on the way out.

CAPTCHAs were once a necessary evil. Annoying, but integral to making sure the internet wasn’t being overrun with bots. But, aside from being irritating, it also might not work so great anymore. Earlier this year, ChatGPT was able to convince a human TaskRabbit worker to solve a CAPTCHA for the AI assistant.

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