Best Apple deal: Refurbished iPad mini 2 on sale for $88

TL;DR: As of August 23, you can get a refurbished iPad mini 2 for just $87.99 instead of $139.99 in the Mashable Shop — that’s a savings of 37%.

Whether you’re at the airport or killing time between classes, you might not want to rely on your phone for everything. Instead, you could use a compact tablet for some of your lightweight leisure activities, like browsing social media or streaming shows.

This iPad mini 2 may have a few years on it, but it’s in near-mint condition and on sale for only $87.99. 

Stay connected and entertained on the go with this iPad mini. The compact 7.9-inch screen and lightweight build make it easy to carry. Students can browse or stream shows between classes, or you can download a few movies onto the 16GB hard drive to watch offline during long flights. 

Snap a photo with the 8MP rear-facing facing camera, or connect a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and listen to your favorite study playlist. On a single charge, the battery may last for up to 10 hours, so you shouldn’t even need to stay close to an outlet; of course, a charger is included. 

The grade-A rating on this refurbished iPad mini means it’s in near-mint condition, with very little or no superficial signs of wear and tear. Grade A is the highest possible refurbished grade, reflecting that the product is in excellent or very good condition.

Most iPads are pretty pricey, but this one is much easier on the wallet in part because of its age. It’s currently running iOS 9 and won’t be able to update beyond iOS 12.5.6. Still, that update was specifically released to update the security for older devices, so you get modern protection on a device that definitely doesn’t have a modern price tag. 

Whether you’re browsing, streaming, or just checking your socials, this little tablet is a low-cost device you can bring along for the ride. 

For a limited time, get a near-mint refurbished iPad mini 2 on sale for $87.99 (reg. $139.99). 

Prices subject to change. 

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