Deal alert: Samsung 65″ The Frame Art TV is $549 off

Save $548.99: As of August 22, the Samsung 65-inch The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV is selling for $1,449 at Walmart, roughly 27% off its original price of $1,997.99.

Once upon a time, it was considered the peak of luxury to even own a TV. Now, the stakes are higher: True luxury is when your TV doubles as an art exhibit. Enter Samsung’s ultra-thin The Frame, a 4K QLED TV that’s guaranteed to elevate the style of any room you put it in.

As of August 22, you can get the Samsung 65-inch The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV for $548.99 off at Walmart, meaning you’ll take advantage of this product’s bougie feel without having to pay full price to do so. The item’s lowest price ever (according to the price tracking site camelcamelcamel) was previously $1,579.99 back in November 2022, meaning $1,449 is quite the bargain. In fact, Walmart is currently undercutting both Samsung and Amazon, where this TV is still selling for the full retail price of $1,999.99.

What we’re telling you is this: Walmart’s deal is impressive, and you shouldn’t miss out.

The Frame is one of Samsung’s most-famous new inventions. It’s an ultra-thin 4K TV that comes in a handsome frame. When it’s not in use, instead of displaying an empty black rectangle, The Frame activates Art Mode, displaying gorgeous works of art on its impressive 4K screen. And when it is in use, it’s one of the best smart 4K TVs for sale right now.

Since any smart buyer needs to really know an item before investing in it, here are The Frame’s specs. First off, it boasts AntiReflection technology and Matte Display Film, which eliminate annoying TV glare. The Frame is also so slim that it looks like a legitimate picture frame when hanging flush against your wall. You’re gonna be exposed to billions of color shades with Samsung’s 100% Color Volume, meaning the clarity and contrast of this TV is truly something. Thanks to these impressive specs, the famous Art Mode feature is truly stunning.

You can display your own photos on the TV or pick from Samsung’s art gallery of more than 1,400 new and classic works. Will your living room be blessed by Monet’s lilies? Van Gogh’s Field with Poppies? Get in on this deal before it ends and decide for yourself.

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