Tesla’s cheaper Model S and Model X are here, but at cost of lower range

Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars are now available at a lower price, but it comes at the expense of range.

As noticed by Electrek, Tesla’s U.S. website now has “Standard Range” variants of both the Model S and the Model X on offer. Both versions reduce the price of the regular variant by $10,000, bringing the price to $78,490 for the Model S, and $88,490 for the Model X.

By choosing the cheapest variant, you also lose quite a bit of range, which is 320 miles for the Model S (down from 405 miles on the standard variant), and 269 miles for the Model X (down from 348 miles on the standard variant). The “Standard Range” models are also a bit slower than the regular variant, though the top speed stays the same.

Tesla Model S

Lower price, lower range, slower acceleration.
Credit: Tesla

There appear to be no other changes on the “Standard Range” versions of the Model S and Model X, and they also come with a base, Pearl White color and all black interior, while other options cost extra.

The “Standard Range” variants are also available in Canada, but we’ve found no trace of them in Tesla’s other markets.

It’s unclear whether these vehicles come with a physically smaller battery or they’re essentially the same as the standard variants, only with range and speed software-locked by Tesla. If it’s the latter, Tesla could possibly offer buyers the ability to purchase more range and speed at a later date (likely at a higher price than $10,000).

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