Best earbuds deal: Ninja Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds on sale for $40

TL;DR: As of August 16, you can get the Ninja Dragon BTMAX Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Earbuds for just $39.99 (reg. $79.99) — a savings of 50%.

One of the only major benefits of wired earbuds versus wireless is the battery. Wired earbuds don’t need one, but then you have a cable that gets caught on every door knob within a thousand yards. 

The logical next step is to find a pair of wireless earbuds that have a long battery life and still sound great. That’s what you get from the Ninja Dragon BTMAX Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. These sleek earbuds come with a case that can fully recharge them up to 40 times for up to 180 total playtime hours before you need to plug the case in again, and you can get a pair for just $39.99 in the Mashable Shop. 

Earbuds with a long battery life 

The earbuds and the case are a package deal, but they both bring a lot to the table. The earbuds themselves connect with Bluetooth 5.1 and are IPX7-waterproof. You should avoid swimming with them, but rain shouldn’t be a problem. Jam to some tunes or relax to a podcast with 9D noise reduction and quad-core sound.

Like most wireless earbud cases, the BTMAX can recharge inside their case. The big difference is that this case has a 2,200mAh battery designed to recharge them up to 40 times. You can even check the remaining battery life with the LED power display. 

That big battery isn’t just reserved for your earbuds. There’s a hidden USB port where you can plug in your phone, tablet, or other portable device to recharge on the go. 

Listen while you recharge 

You don’t have to pay AirPod prices to get great earbuds. 

Get the Ninja Dragon BTMAX Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Earbuds for $39.99. 

Prices subject to change. 

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