DoorDash nudges users who don’t leave tips

They might as well call this feature the “Jerk Alert.”

To be more specific, DoorDash added a new feature this summer that nudges users who haven’t left a tip to, well, leave a tip, according to an Insider report on the subject. It was part of a larger update originally rolled out in late June that lets people juice up a tip for up to a month after a delivery order. Instacart and UberEats also have similar tip nudging features, per Insider.

Tipping etiquette is a hot-button issue in the modern era where many people rely heavily on app-based delivery orders to get through the day.

Some folks are adamant about tipping generously, while others (such as people from countries where it’s not a common practice) may not see the point. However, according to Insider’s report, a DoorDash driver will only get between $2 and $10 for typical order.

When you put it that way, it’s hard not to see how vital it is to leave a little gratuity for someone who just braved the brutal summer heat to bring you Taco Bell. Please tip your drivers, folks.

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