Apple charger deal: charge 6 devices with a Magsafe power bank for $89 off

TL;DR: As of August 14, get the Flash Pro Plus 100W USB-C 25000mAh Graphene Power Bank w/ Magsafe Compatibility for $229.99 — that’s 27% off.

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just trying to make it through a long day, sometimes your device’s battery gets tired before you do. You may not have the chance to sit down at an outlet, but you can still recharge up to six devices at the same time with the Flash Pro Plus. This 100W 25,000mAh Graphene Power Bank can charge phones, laptops, and tablets at the same time, and you can pick one up for $229.99 (reg. $319). 

Charge six devices at once with a portable battery 

This compact power bank might not be much bigger than your phone, but you can still use it to power multiple smart devices through wired and wireless connections. All along the side of the power bank are USB-C outputs that you can use to power any compatible device. That includes tablets, headphones, earbuds, cameras, and more. You could even power up a MacBook with the 100W USB-C port. 

That just leaves another USB-A port with a 50W capacity, and that doesn’t even touch the MagSafe-compatible wireless charging pads. Use one of the charging pads for a 15W device and the other for an Apple Watch. That’s a lot of power moving around, but you can check the amount leaving through each port and the power that’s remaining. 

As much of a charge as this power bank is packing, it may not take long to refill it. The manufacturers say it could take 70 minutes to completely recharge the Flash Pro Plus, but naturally that will vary depending on the strength of the charging power source. 

Get a portable power bank for all your devices

Avoid dead batteries halfway through the day.

Get the Flash Pro Plus 100W USB-C 25,000mAh Graphene Power Bank w/MagSafe compatibility for $229.99. 

Prices subject to change. 

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