Threads rolls out 3 handy new features

Threads is getting a trio of new features.

On Wednesday, Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg took to the platform to announce the updates, which include the ability to add custom alt text, a new mention button, and the ability to share Threads posts to Instagram DMs.

Given that Threads was sorely lacking in accessibility features when it launched, the ability to customise alt text will be a welcome addition. In order to add this, users can tap on a photo or video after starting a post and then tap the “Alt” button that appears. Although it appears that the Mention button hasn’t rolled out for everyone at the time of writing, users can share a Thread to an Instagram DM by tapping the paper plane icon and then tapping Send on Instagram.

A screenshot of the sharing options available on Threads, with Send to Instagram at the top.

Credit: Threads

Although Threads has been steadily adding new features — including a Following feed! — since its launch, there are still plenty of things missing. The comments below Zuckerberg’s update are filled with requests for features like hashtags, direct messaging, and a search function, none of which Threads currently has.

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