Disney Plus, Hulu increase their prices again

Disney+ last got a price increase in December 2022. Less than a year later, it’s going up…again.

Starting on Oct. 12, Disney+ and Hulu will see price hikes on their ad-free plans, per Variety. Disney+ will jump from $11/mo to $14/mo, while Hulu will go from $15/mo to $18/mo. For those keeping score, Disney+ now costs twice as much as it did when it launched in 2019.

There are a couple of ways to…maybe not avoid the price hikes, but at least not have to think about them for a while. The simplest is to just buy an annual subscription before the price increases take place, giving you an entire year of ad-free Disney+ at its current price. That option is not available for Hulu, sadly.

The second method, which Disney would probably greatly prefer, is to get a bundle that pairs ad-free Disney+ and Hulu together for $20/mo. That’s a substantial discount compared to paying for both services separately. That said, the price for that could also randomly increase six months from now, so be careful.

Maybe cable was the best option all along.

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