Best smart home deals: Bundles with Echo Dots and Echo Shows on sale for up to 26% off

Amazon Echo products are all the rage and especially impressive when they sell in a bundle with other smart home items, like an Amazon Basics Smart Plug Power Strip. If you’re looking to power up your home — making it smarter and cooler — look no further than these deals on Amazon smart home bundles.

If you’re moving into a dorm for the first time (or are a return student), chances are you want to make it the best, most functional space on campus — a space that will serve all your needs and save you time on basic routines. Nothing saves time like being able to voice-control your lights, fans, and appliances: something totally possible with one of the below Amazon smart home bundles, which all include a Smart Plug Power Strip alongside signature Amazon Echos.

Best Echo Dot bundle deal

Why we like it

This Echo Dot (5th Gen) bundle will give you access to one of Amazon’s leading smart speakers and a way to make all your room appliances smarter (by being responsive to your voice and the custom routines you program them to operate on). With the Echo Dot, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite tunes, read out the latest headlines, tell a dad joke, and even wake you up at a certain time. That’s peak efficiency — something everyone will benefit from, college student or not.

Best Echo Pop bundle deal

Why we like it

A bit cheaper than the previous bundle, this Echo Pop/Smart Plug Power Strip combo features Amazon’s least expensive home assistant. When SaVanna Shoemaker reviewed the Echo Pop for Mashable recently, she lauded how well this little device projects sound across a room and how easy it is to set up (which is a common variable across pretty much all Amazon devices). That being said, this bundle costs only $10 less than the Echo Dot one, and the Pop doesn’t stand out from the Dot in any significant way. Use that info as you choose.

Best Echo Show bundle deal

Why we like it

While the Echo Dot and Echo Pop are more similar than they are different, the Echo Show 5 (in a bundle with the Smart Plug, yet again) really is unique. The Show has a built-in camera that can help you see what’s going on in your house when you’re out; a crisp display that can do everything from show your loved ones on a video call to play your favorite Prime shows; and multiple privacy controls for your peace of mind. The Smart Plug has three outlets that you can control individually or in groups via the Alexa app, by voice or with the touch of a button. So many capabilities — for less.

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