Google Search can check your grammar now

Google can now help you check your grammar, right there in the search bar.

The new AI-powered grammar check, which is only available in English so far, can help users see if “a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not.”

It’s a pretty easy feature to use. Enter a sentence or phrase into Google Search, followed with the word: “grammar check” or “check grammar” or “grammar checker”. Sometimes these phrases aren’t even needed, but using them will ensure that the tool will pop up.

If the phrase entered is correct, Google will present a green check mark.

A grammar check example on Google.

Credit: Screenshot / Google

But if you’re in need of a little assistance, Google will provide the correct option.

A grammar check example on Google.

Credit: Screenshot / Google.

You can access the tool on both Google desktop and mobile.

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