Microsoft is testing Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari

Following reports from users, Microsoft has confirmed that Bing Chat is coming to other browsers besides Edge.

In June, Windows users started noticing a pop-up on Windows 10 and 11 taskbars offering access to try Bing on Chrome and Safari. In a statement to TechCrunch, Microsoft confirmed that the company is giving access to “select users” as part of its testing before widespread rollout to Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

Currently, the generative AI chatbot is only available on Microsoft’s Edge browser. Over the past few months, Microsoft has released a slew of features designed to enable seamless use of Bing Chat while using Edge, such as saved chat history, contextual understanding of conversations that carry throughout a user’s browsing experience, and a Bing Chat sidebar that can summarize the contents of the open page.

According to, which spotted the test, Bing Chat in Chrome only supported five turns per conversation compared to 30 in Edge, and has a character limit of 2,000 versus Edge’s 3,000. Aside from that, no other details about what Bing Chat will look like on non-Microsoft browsers have been released. Mashable has reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update the story, if any further details are shared.

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