Spin vinyl anywhere with this $90 portable record player

TL;DR: Spin records almost anywhere with the RokBlok 2.0 wireless portable record player while it’s on sale for $89.99. That’s 9% off its MSRP as of July 24.

If you’re an avid vinyl collector, you might love spinning a record and dancing around your player to soak in your favorite albums. One downside? Your setup may not be portable, limiting your enjoyment of your collection in other locations, such as outside, at a party, or anywhere away from your record player.

A portable record player might be a good solution. Enter the RokBlok 2.0., a portable record player and speaker in one. Just place it on top of your record’s grooves, flip the lever, and it spins around to play. For a limited time, you can grab one for $89.99, normally $99.

A modern spin on vinyl

You may have seen the RokBlok on SharkTank, where the creator got backed by one of the sharks. It’s built to bring the nostalgia and joy of listening to records just about anywhere you go. You just need a flat surface, a full charge, and your records to bring your favorite music to your favorite places. Here’s a video showing it in action:

The RokBlok can play 33 and 45 RPM EPs, LPs, and singles through its built-in speaker. Just charge up the device with the included USB cable and rock out to music for up to four hours before it needs a recharge. This could be a fun gadget to bring along on camping trips, picnics, summer barbeques, parks, house parties, and wherever else you may want some music!

Doubles as a portable speaker

You might not have all of your favorite albums on vinyl, so you can connect your devices to the RokBlok with Bluetooth. Stream your playlists or the latest tracks from your top artists. Or, let friends and family connect to the speaker to become the DJ.

Bring the magic of vinyl just about anywhere with the RokBlok 2.0 record player, now only $89.99 (reg. $99) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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