Best MacBook deal: The M1 MacBook Air is back to $749, its lowest price ever


SAVE $249.01: The ultra-popular M1 MacBook Air with 256GB of built-in storage is back down to its all-time low Prime Day price of $749.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy. That’s 25% in savings as of July 20.

Prime Day is dead and gone, but the deals are hanging on. While the M1 MacBook Air jumped back up to full price after the conclusion of Amazon’s shopping extravaganza, it’s back for another round.

If you missed the M1 MacBook Air base model (with 256GB of built-in storage) when it hit an all-time low price for Prime Day, you’re in luck. Amazon and Best Buy have marked it down once again, so you can snag it for just $749.99 as of July 20. That’s nearly $250 in savings, which is a pretty significant discount for Apple, which rarely gives customers major deals.

The 2020 Air is no longer the latest and greatest MacBook on Apple’s shelves, but it’s still a damn good laptop. The M1 chip “has been able to really take the MacBook where it should’ve been all along,” Brenda Stolyar noted in our M1 MacBook Air review. “It offers longer battery life, silky smooth performance (without the need for a fan to power through tough tasks), and operates more like an iPhone and iPad.”

While it’s recently been taken over by the M2, the M1 chip is still excellent for creative work like photo or video editing, as well as everyday tasks like streaming or web surfing. It offers an impressive 18 hours of battery life, an extremely lightweight build at 2.8 pounds, and the best price tag you’ll find on a new MacBook — especially with this discount. The M2 MacBook Air, in comparison, is sitting at $1,098 at Amazon.

If you’re looking to upgrade from an older MacBook model, you’ll certainly be satisfied with the performance of the M1 MacBook Air. And your bank account will certainly be more satisfied with the price.


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