Apple’s iCloud KeyChain just got a lot more useful

Apple’s iCloud KeyChain is a pretty good way to securely share your passwords across several Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

But it has one pretty big limitation: It will only autofill password fields in Safari. If you’re using a different browser, such as Chrome, you’re out of luck.

This will change soon. In macOS Sonoma, Apple is testing (per MacRumors(opens in a new tab) via Apple developer Ricky Mondello(opens in a new tab)) a way to bring iCloud KeyChain password autofill to other browsers, with a browser extension called iCloud Passwords.

The browser extensions, which exist for Chrome(opens in a new tab) and Edge(opens in a new tab), aren’t new; they were available for Windows users before, but now the Chrome extension is available to macOS Sonoma users as well (Mondello claims(opens in a new tab) that support for Edge is coming “soon”).

While this may seem a minor feature, it does make KeyChain a lot more convenient for Mac and iPhone users who prefer Chrome or another browser to Safari. Besides passwords, the extension can be used to autofill one-time codes, save new passwords, as well as right-click on QR codes to set up a code generator.

Apple’s macOS Sonoma became available as a public beta on Wednesday. It brings a number of new features and updates, including interactive widgets on the desktop, new screen savers, an updated Safari browser, improved video conferencing, and easier password sharing within Safari.

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