Prime Day deals: 6 things you should buy, and 4 to avoid


| July 11, 2023

Amazon Prime Day is here and bringing with it a ton of deals on Apple products. All of the following devices have dropped to record-low prices:

Prime Day runs July 11-12. Keep up with the latest Prime Day deals!

Prime Day can be overwhelming. Amazon’s big discount holiday — which began Tuesday, July 11 and runs into Wednesday, July 12 — features so many products and categories that it can be tough to track.

You don’t want to get out over your skis and buy everything in sight, but if there’s a good deal on something you need, then you don’t want to miss that either. It helps to know what to buy and what to avoid. Mashable’s has a hub for Prime Day coverage that can give you in-depth analysis on everything you can imagine, as well as a live blog of the deals throughout the day.

But to get straight to the point, here are a few quick tips on things to buy and things to avoid as you parse through Prime Day.

7 Things to Buy

Mashable has lots of recommendations, but, in general it might be helpful to think of making a big purchase you already needed. Don’t spend big just because it is on sale — buy something you’ve needed and get it cheaper. Here are a few ideas.

1. Apple MacBook Air

Lots of people need a new laptop and lots of folks use Apple. So it would make a lot of sense to buy a 13-inch, 2020 MacBook Air that is currently discounted by $249.01(opens in a new tab).

2. An Amazon Fire TV

It’s just a really good deal. A 43-inch TV for under $100(opens in a new tab).

3. Xbox Series S

Gaming consoles are freaking expensive, so a renewed model for just $199 is a pretty good deal(opens in a new tab), if you’re in the market for a new console.

4. Lodge Dutch oven

Cooking is my primary hobby and a good Dutch oven is an absolute essential. It is a versatile tool, perfect for making soups, braising meats, or even deep frying. Lodge makes quality Dutch ovens and they’re on sale for $59.99(opens in a new tab), which is a solid 25 percent discount.

5. Pet supplies

As the proud owner of the best dog in the world, I know how expensive pet supples can be. There is a whole section on Amazon for Prime Day deals on pet stuff(opens in a new tab). Even if you don’t need food or meds right now, you know you will eventually. Stock up!

6. Top deals

This is just a general tip but who doesn’t love getting something on a steep discount? Amazon deal tracker CamelCamelCamel(opens in a new tab) sorts the top price drops of the day by both dollar amount(opens in a new tab) and percentage(opens in a new tab). You can look through that for anything that strikes your fancy.

4 Things to Avoid

While Prime Day might have some good deals, they are a some things to look out for. Mashable covered things to avoid in detail, but here a few quick tips.

1.Third-party sellers

In general, you can trust things shipped by Amazon, while third-party sellers might not be as reliable.

2. Video game systems

I know, I know, the Xbox Series S was listed above. But that was a good deal on a refurbished model. Typically speaking, however, there are better deals on gaming systems around the holidays.

3. Prime itself

Listen, if you don’t have Prime, maybe you don’t need to buy the service just to access Prime Day deals. If you’re eligible for a free trial, then maybe it’s worth it, but really consider before shelling out the $139 per year to get Prime.

4. Anything you don’t need

Like we mentioned before, it’s best to use Prime Day as a way to get something you need on a good discount. What’s not as advisable is buying things just because. Something you don’t need or won’t use, is still something you don’t need or won’t use, no matter how good the deal.

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