Threads passes 100 million users

Meta’s new app Threads, which launched just five days ago, is continuing to pick up new users at an impressive rate.

On Monday, the Twitter rival reached the 100 million users mark according to Quiver Quantitative(opens in a new tab), a data site tracking Threads users based on the badges Meta is adding to Instagram profiles to show the order in which people joined.

“These numbers are estimates which are generated using the Threads account numbers shown on Instagram pages,” reads the explanation for the data set. “This page is currently being updated semi-manually, which may cause delays in the estimated user count.”

In other words, take the numbers with a slight pinch of salt. But given that Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg was boasting about 70 million sign-ups(opens in a new tab) a couple of days ago, 100 million doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch.

Threads’ explosive start isn’t necessarily all that surprising. The app is backed by Instagram, which has around 1.35 billion monthly active users per data site Statista,(opens in a new tab) and has been doing what it can to drive its users to Threads. As well as the previously-mentioned badges, user can also sign-up to Threads very quickly using their Instagram account details.

Although it’s growing quickly, Threads still has a little way to go to catch up its main rival. According to Statista, Twitter has around 350 million monthly active users(opens in a new tab).

While you’re here, Mashable has some handy guides if you’re using Threads.

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