Refurbished MacBook Air deal: get a new-to-you 2015 Apple laptop in good condition for 68% off

TL;DR: As of July 10, get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air(opens in a new tab) for only $345.99 — a steal at 68% off.

Don’t get priced out of productivity. Whether you’re a student or a professional, a computer you can take on the go is a valuable tool to have. A brand-new laptop might be a little expensive for a machine you plan on carrying around with you, but a refurbished computer(opens in a new tab) may have a more accessible price. This Apple MacBook Air has a long battery life and is equipped for productivity. Get one for just $345.99. 

Refurbished and ready to work

This refurbished MacBook Air could be a great buy for a student or professional on the go. The lightweight construction is super portable, and it even comes with a plastic case to help protect it. 

With 4GB RAM and a 2.7GHz Turbo Boost processor, you might not be loading any modern games or rendering any long videos, but you could still use this MacBook for everyday productivity. Students can work writing assignments without being stuck at home, and professionals don’t need to invest in a costly computer just for a machine they can take anywhere. 

Getting some work done while you’re away from home? This MacBook(opens in a new tab) could last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and the 256GB SSD gives you plenty of space to save your work right on the laptop.

The “B” refurbished rating means you might notice some light scuffing on the bevel or case and light scratches or dents on the body. These are only superficial signs of regular use and do not affect how the computer works. They can even be covered with the included case. An Apple MagSafe charger is also included with your purchase. 

One of the benefits of buying an older device is that you may not need adapters for your wireless mouse or keyboard. This computer has two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot for easy data transfers. 

Save 68% on a refurbished MacBook Air 

You might not need to pay a high price for a computer if you know where to look. 

Get a grade “B” refurbished Apple MacBook Air(opens in a new tab) on sale for $345.99 (reg. $1,109). 

Prices subject to change. 

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