Best Prime Day 2023 deal: Save 60% on Echo Flex

TL;DR: The Echo Flex is a plug-in smart device that gives you access to Alexa in any part of your home. Save 60% on the Echo Flex(opens in a new tab) this Prime Day.

Prime Day isn’t just about getting the biggest discounts on the biggest, highest-ticket products. It’s also about getting big discounts on smaller items too — the bits and bobs that all too often fall by the wayside because they cost a little more than you want to spend.

Take the Echo Flex(opens in a new tab). For homes that use Alexa, it’s a perfect (not to mention cheap) addition. The idea behind the Echo Flex is that it makes any corner of your home smarter. Just plug it in and Alexa is always on-hand. She can provide you with updates, such as weather and traffic news, and helps out with all kinds of other things. Need to order food to make a shopping list? No problem! You can also talk between rooms intercom-style. And with the Prime Day price, you can afford to buy more than one.

The Echo Flex(opens in a new tab) is available this Prime Day for just £9.99 — that’s an amazing discount of 60%.

Snap up the Echo Flex quickly. This deal ends on July 12.

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