Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor deal: get for $100 off, the best price online

TL;DR: As of July 9, get The Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor(opens in a new tab) for only $699.99 — you’ll save 12%.

It can be hard to stay productive in the summertime. From daydreaming about upcoming getaways to all the daytime parties and festivities that unfold this season, work can be the last thing on your mind. If you’re in need of a boost of work inspiration, it might be time to upgrade your office setup.

Two monitors are always better than one. The Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor can help you overcome that summer malaise with a boost of productivity once you take advantage of this adjustable, stacked screening model(opens in a new tab). And you can currently snag it for the best price online, $699.99, for a limited time. 

Successfully funded on Kickstarter(opens in a new tab) and Indiegogo(opens in a new tab), the Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor is ready to elevate your work space, whether that’s in a home office as you work remotely or if you head into an office every day. It offers an all-inclusive workstation — complete with a 1080p webcam for Zoom meetings, built-in speakers, and a USB hub that is designed to charge your laptop in just one to two hours. 

Aside from helping you to tackle more tasks, there are also features that are better for your health. An ergonomic design(opens in a new tab) is infinitely adjustable — the top monitor slides up and down, the bottom one pivots in and out — so you can figure out the perfect setting to keep yourself in healthy, ergonomic alignment while you work. And the stacked displays meet you can comfortably use them both without ergonomic setbacks. 

Fight against that summer slump and up your productivity with the Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor(opens in a new tab), on sale here for the best price online at just $699.99 (reg. $799) for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.

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