Best stock screener: 86% off Tykr lifetime subscription

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Tykr Stock Screener Pro Plan is on sale for £94.68, saving you 86% on list price.

You may have heard of the bear and bull markets, but might not know where to begin with investing your first pound, If you’re interested in setting aside extra cash or preparing for an early retirement, you may want help investing in the stock market with Tykr.

It’s a screener tool that teaches you how to make profitable, safe investments in the stock market. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription for just £94.68.

Did you know that the average stock market return(opens in a new tab) is 10%? Instead of your money sitting in a savings account with a tiny interest rate, make smarter investments.

Instead of doing hours of research on your own, Tykr can teach you how to find safe, profitable investments. Here’s how:

  1. Browse and select stocks based on their summaries and scores. Tykr reports which stocks are potential buys or sells and which are safe or risky. Get an in-depth analysis on over 9,000 stocks.

  2. Understand stock information with a user-friendly interface and language. Get access to simple charts and financial statements to learn what makes an investment good or bad.

  3. Create watchlists to keep track of which stocks you’re interested in. Get notified when stocks change in status or price.

  4. Monitor your investments with a portfolio tracker.

  5. Ask questions or get support from an engaging online community and free educational webinars.

Tykr shares open-source calculations so you can learn where the program is getting the information. This is an excellent learning opportunity to grow in your own stock market knowledge and help you make even greater investment decisions in the future.

If your investments lead to extra income, you might pay off debt, set aside a rainy day fund, travel more, or even be able to retire early.

Unleash the power of investing with a lifetime subscription to a Tykr Stock Screener Pro Plan for £94.68.

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