Top Five New Features in iPadOS 17

While iPadOS 17 has adopted almost all of the features that are available in iOS 17, there are also several additions designed specifically for the larger display of the iPad. In our latest video, we’ve highlighted the best new features available for the ‌iPad‌ in the ‌iPadOS 17‌ update.

  1. Updated Lock Screen – In ‌iPadOS 17‌, the ‌iPad‌ gets the Lock Screen customization features that came to the iPhone with iOS 16. ‌iPadOS 17‌ users can choose the look of the date and time, select different iPad-optimized wallpaper options, and have multiple Lock Screens that are tied to Focus modes.
  2. Widgets and Live Activities – Live Activities are now supported on the ‌iPad‌’s Lock Screen, so you can follow along with timers, food orders, sports games, and more. Widgets on the Lock Screen and the Home Screen are interactive, allowing you to turn on the lights, play a song, mark a reminder as complete, and more, directly from the widget with no need to open an app.
  3. Health App – The Health app is available on the ‌iPad‌ in ‌iPadOS 17‌, showing health data in detail. The app is optimized for the ‌iPad‌’s display with an updated Favorites view and interactive charts for categories like Trends and Highlights.
  4. PDF & Notes Additions – Enhanced Autofill allows the ‌iPad‌ to identify fields in a PDF or scanned document so names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information can be added from contact cards. There’s also a new feature for collaborating on PDFs with others directly through the Notes app. The Notes app has been enhanced for PDFs, and PDFs will show up in full width for quick annotations with Apple Pencil.
  5. Stage Manager Updates – When using Stage Manager, windows can be freely resized, repositioned, and placed anywhere on the display. ‌Stage Manager‌ also supports an external camera like the one on the Studio Display for FaceTime and conference calls.

For more on what’s new in the ‌iPadOS 17‌ update, we have a dedicated iPadOS 17 roundup.

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