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TL;DR: Save 55% on an annual Incogni plan to protect your online identity.

Every day, we add more personal information into the digital ecosystem. From addresses for shipments to health information in our searches, each piece of data contributes to your online profile. 

Data brokers are companies that gather and sell this profile – known as a shadow profile, to the highest bidder. In some cases, that may be a business but in other scenarios, they can sell your data to a hacker.

Recovering your data from brokers is possible, but it can be complicated and incredibly time-consuming. Services like Incogni deal with data brokers on your behalf to protect your profile. And right now, Incogni is offering Mashable readers 55% off annual plans, so you can kick back and experience benefits like these:

Protect your identity before it’s stolen

The more online you are, the easier it is for data brokers to create shadow profiles, including things like answers to security questions (your pet’s name is on your Instagram, after all) or political affiliation. 

Bad actors can use this profile to open credit cards, bank loans, or even counterfeit IDs, leaving you with a mess, and possibly an enormous debt, to clean up. 

The best solution is prevention — that’s where Incogni comes in.   

Stop insurance hikes in their tracks

Even trusted businesses like insurance companies can use your shadow profile against you. One common occurrence is health insurance, where information about your health can be used to drive up your insurance premiums. 

By erasing this information from the web, you’ll minimize the chances of unnecessary and unwanted price hikes on health insurance.

Say adieu to unwanted spam calls

It’s not just you, robocalls have become more frequent than ever before. While in most cases these calls are harmless but annoying, they can be damaging if they’re part of a phishing attack. 

Incogni’s service offers the option to wipe your phone number from the internet, which means there’s far less chance your number will be added to the robocall lists. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save 55% off annual plans using the code ‘MASHABLE’.

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