Refurbished Amazon device deals: Save on Echo, Fire, Eero, and Kindle devices ahead of Prime Day

Amazon just dropped refurbished device deals ahead of Prime Day. Here are the best ones:

kindle paperwhite in black

eero 6 mesh WiFi system

Amazon Echo Studio speaker

Amazon fire 7 tablet

It doesn’t happen often, but Amazon is offering its refurbished devices for extremely low prices ahead of Prime Day.

If the stress of Amazon Prime Day is too much to handle and you’d rather get some bargain shopping in a couple weeks early, now’s your chance to snag a refurbished Kindle, Echo, Fire, or Eero device at an alarmingly low price. Sure, certified refurbished devices(opens in a new tab) aren’t brand-new, but they have been tested and verified to look and work like they are. Plus, they are backed by the same limited warranty from Amazon as a brand-new device. You’ll be doing your wallet and the environment a solid by snagging one of these gadgets. After all, every refurbished device bought is one less that heads to the landfill, right?

Ahead of Prime Day, here are some of the best refurbished Amazon device deals we’ve found.

Refurbished Kindle deals

Why we like it

The lowest price we’ve seen a new Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) is $94.99, which means by snagging a refurbished one(opens in a new tab), you’ll be saving an extra $15 ahead of Prime Day. Is it the best e-reader on the market? Probably not, but Mashable’s Alex Perry explained that it’s “nearly perfect for folks who’d love to read more if not for all the little annoying things about reading.” And at under $80, we’re willing to overlook some of its flaws.

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Refurbished eero deals

Why we like it

Need to boost your WiFi connection? The Amazon eero 6 mesh WiFi system(opens in a new tab) supports speeds up to 500 Mbps and covers up to 3,000 square feet. With this certified refurbished deal, you’ll get one router and one extender to blanket your household in solid WiFi, all for just $84.99. Buying the system new would run you $140, so you’ll be saving about 40% and getting it at its lowest price ever.

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Refurbished Echo deals

Why we like it

Amazon’s best-sounding speaker, the Echo Studio(opens in a new tab), hasn’t seen a discount of more than $45 before. So, by buying a certified refurbished version, you’ll end up getting one for the lowest price ever — $139.99. The Echo Studio features stereo up-mixing and spatial virtualization to offer more immersive studio-quality sound. It can also adapt to any room, interact with any of your other Alexa devices, and act as a smart home hub.

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Refurbished Fire tablet deals

Why we like it

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet, released in 2022, wasn’t anything spectacular — except for the fact that it’s extremely affordable. As Mashable shopping reporter Haley Henschel wrote in her review, “It’s fully capable of doing most tablet-y things, and you’re only paying $60 for it. That price point is basically a Get Out of Jail Free card for all of its faults.” The 32GB version is typically $80, but if you opt for a certified refurbished one instead, you can scoop it up for only $40. At that price, there’s nothing you could possibly complain about.

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